Disinfect Coronavirus + EPA Approved 90 Day Protection

The EPA has now said any classified hospital sterilant or disinfectant is strong enough to kill coronavirus Covid-19. This means our two-step dry fog solution is now officially approved for coronavirus.  We are the perfect solution for your home or business in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah or Idaho. First we sterilize your location with InstaPURE, then disinfect with EverPURE.  If you have family or occupants or have had visitors in your home, office, school, or facility, that have contracted Covid-19, we provide instant sterilization of your environment and up to 90 days of ongoing disinfection through the antimicrobial layer left by EveryPURE. For more information on getting your location treated for Coronavirus call us at (833) 545-5665.

EPA Approved Virucide for Residents in Movie Theatre Sign - Social Distance, Wash Hands and Clean Surfaces; Sterilize Surfaces for CoronavirusOklahoma, New Mexico, Utah & Idaho

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Coronavirus can be contracted through contact with contaminated surfaces.  But how long can Coronavirus survive outside a host? The National Institute of Health has determined that coronavirus remains infectious in the air and on surfaces from hours to days.  This means you can get the virus by breathing air that was contaminated hours beforehand, and even days later contract coronavirus from an infected object or surface.

Social Distancing and Washing Hands in certain situations won't be enough. Depending on your circumstance you will need insurance against environmental contamination for you, loved ones, customers or work associates. Keep reading to see why Mold Busters' EPA approved virucide for "enveloped viruses" is your best insurance.

Due to the recent formation of coronavirus, no product on the market has approval from the EPA to claim it kills Covid-19.  However, in the interim, the EPA is allowing virucides proven to kill "enveloped viruses" to make such a claim. Mold Busters' dry fog solution has EPA-label proven efficacy against the Human Influenza Virus (H1N1), Avian influenza virus (H9N2 and Canine Distemper Virus, all of which are enveloped viruses, which means we can claim we can kill Coronavirus Covid-19 on contact and provide ongoing protection through our 2-step dry fog system. Our Virucidal label, studies, and more detailed information can be found below

Areas Where Our Cornavirus Sterilization & Disinfection Services Are Available Include...

Logan, Utah to Pocatello, Idaho; Albuquerque to Santa Fe, New Mexico and from Oklahoma City to Stillwater, Oklahoma and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

EPA Label Claims for Enveloped Viruses

Instapure Viricidal Claims Label

H1N1 Study

PAA Bacteria and Virus Testing

Letter From The Manufacturers of InstaPURE

InstaPURE EPA Registration

EPA guidelines forproducts that can be used to kill COVID-19:

1. The product should be an EPA-registered, hospital/healthcare or broad-spectrum disinfectant with directions for use on hard, porous or non-porous surfaces.

2. The currently accepted product label (from an EPA registered product as described above in 1.) should have disinfectant efficacy claims against at least one of the following viral pathogen groupings: a) A product should be approved by EPA to inactivate at least one large or one small non-enveloped virus to be eligible for use against an enveloped emerging viral pathogen. b) A product should be approved by EPA to inactivate at least one small, non-enveloped virus to be eligible for use against a large, non-enveloped emerging viral pathogen. c) A product should be approved by EPA to inactivate at least two small, non-enveloped viruses to be eligible for use against a small, non-enveloped emerging viral pathogen.

Both InstaPURE and EverPURE qualify under these EPA guidelines according to their label claims. Below you can find all of the resource material referenced in guidelines.

For further research on killing enveloped virus, visit Flagship Inc

Mold Busters Coronavirus Covid-19 Sterilization and Disinfection Dry Fog System

Step 1 - InstaPURE: Sterilize Your Home or Business from Coronavirus Covid-19

We can Disinfect a 2,000 square foot home in 4 hours. Dwell time requirements for killing enveloped-viruses is just a few minutes, however, we dry fog for longer to ensure our solution pushes into every nook and cranny, and into your HVAC system, carpet, insulation, and everywhere else.  With Mold Busters you will eradicate Coronavirus, other viruses, bacteria, and molds from more surface area than any other non-fogging solution on the market.  A safe, non-toxic, fast and affordable total cleanse for your home or business.

Step 2 - EverPURE: Apply an EPA Approved Disinfectant & Antimicrobial Layer for 90 Days of Protection

Once your environment is sterile, we know it is only a matter of hours before pathogens can re-enter. This is why we dry fog your home a second-time, applying a safe FDA approved antimicrobial layer across all surfaces and all of your belongings. Now if somebody that is infected with Coronavirus or another sickness enters the premise, the antimicrobial layer will kill the virus on contact over the next 90 days.

Instapure + Everpure Effectiveness